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  • Unglued Blog Hop, Chapter 3

    02 October 2012 ( #Book Reviews )

    Hi everybody! Thank you so much for visiting my blog; feel free to keep scrolling down or comment. ;-) Ok, so I've been reading 'Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions' by Lisa TerKeurst. This is published by Zondervan and was released...

  • Against the Tide

    28 October 2012 ( #Book Reviews )

    "Against the Tide" is Elizabeth Camden's newest book. It was released on October 1 of this year and published by Bethany House. This is Mrs. Camden's third book, and while it is a stand-alone book, it would help if you read her first novel, "The Lady...

  • Chocolate-Covered Baloney

    09 November 2012 ( #Book Reviews )

    One thing I know for sure about this book: its title/cover caught my eye! This is the third book in the "Confessions of April Grace" series by K.D. McCrite, and I must say that I'm a BIG fan. This series is published by Thomas Nelson publishers and is...

  • A Passion Most Pure

    27 November 2012 ( #Book Reviews )

    A Passion Most Pure is Julie Lessman's first book. She has written several more since this first one! I found this author from a contest that I saw on Mary Lu Tyndall's (another one of my favorite authors) blog. Julie Lessman writes a series on an Irish...

  • Right Where I Belong

    27 November 2012 ( #Book Reviews )

    Right Where I Belong is the third book in a semi-series by Krista McGee. I say semi-series because there is not really a name for the series, and each book could be a stand-alone, but the characters are in each of the other books, for the most part. This...

  • Camellia

    29 November 2012 ( #Book Reviews )

    Camellia is the second book in the "Song of the River" series by Diane Ashley and Aaron McCarver. This series is published by Barbour Publishers. The first book in the series is entitled, "Lily", and I have also reviewed it on my blog. Camellia is the...

  • Lily's Plight

    05 December 2012 ( #Book Reviews )

    Lily's Plight is the third book in the Harwood sisters trilogy. This is written by Dianna Crawford and Sally Laity, and is published by Barbour Publishing. Here's the jist of the storyline: Lily and her sisters came to America from England. (This is explained...

  • Grace, Gold, and Glory

    15 January 2013 ( #Book Reviews )

    "Grace, Gold, and Glory" is an amazing autobiography by the gold medalist gymnast Gabby Douglas herself! If you watched the London 2012 Olympics, you saw Gabby leap, soar, and flip her way to helping the American team win the gold medal and our hearts...

  • 60-day Unglued Devotional

    15 January 2013 ( #Book Reviews )

    Just like the actual book, "Unglued", this shortened, devotional form is EXCELLENT and very helpful. Lysa TerKeurst is a very honest and open writer; she will tell the reader of her experiences, thoughts, and reactions-which are not always pretty! She...

  • A Word of Encouragement for all my fellow Princesses

    16 January 2013 ( #Random )

    “See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land. The fig tree forms its early fruit; the blossoming vines spread their fragrance. Arise, come...

  • My God is Enough for Me

    25 June 2014 ( #Random )

    My God is Enough for Me Recently I was challenged by a blog article about whether God is honestly enough for me. If I went through the fire, would I be burned? Would the flames consume me? Where would my hope be? I went to the Bible and searched. I wanted...

  • Thrive

    23 July 2014 ( #Book Reviews )

    "Thrive: Student Edition by Mark Hall of Casting Crowns" "Thrive" is a new devotional inspired by Casting Crowns' latest album and its title song. This book was published on August 5, 2014 by Zondervan. This devotional explores the idea of what life could...

  • NKJV Study Bible Full Color Edition

    15 October 2014 ( #Book Reviews )

    The NKJV study bible is published by Thomas Nelson. The main marketing point on this Bible was that it was full color, but honestly that mostly means that some notes are in a colored background, and introductions to books have pretty pictures relating...

  • Tyndale Rewards Program!

    08 October 2014 ( #Random )

    Tyndale has annouced a rewards program where you can get free books-no purchase nesscesary! I've already gotten two free books just doing short surveys, etc., and have almost earned my third. They also sent me a free download for my birthday. Sign up...

  • Book Report on "Little Women"

    20 August 2014 ( #Book Reviews )

    Here is a book report I did on "Little Women". Letters "X" and "Z" were excused. A: Alcott. Louisa May Alcott is the author of “Little Women”. The book was published in two parts, one in 1868, and one in 1869. The book is loosely based off the author’s...

  • The Wishing Season

    12 November 2014 ( #Book Reviews )

    "The Wishing Season" by Denise Hunter is the latest book in the Chapel Springs Romance series, which is published by Thomas Nelson. The first book is called "Barefoot Summer", and the second " Dancing with Fireflies". These books follow the McKinley family...

  • Petticoat Detective

    05 November 2014 ( #Book Reviews )

    "The Petticoat Detective" by Margaret Brownley is published by Shiloh Run press. It is the first book in the new series "Uncover Ladies". Jennifer Layne is fairly used to odd disguises, since she is a Pinkerton detective, but posing as a "loose" lady...

  • Little Men

    21 January 2015 ( #Book Reviews )

    I have recently finished reading “Little Men” by Louisa May Alcott. It is the sequel to “Little Women”. Because the plot is still tied to Jo March Bhaer, I recommend reading “Little Women” first, or at least familiarize yourself with the plot by watching...

  • Tiffany Girl

    28 May 2015 ( #Book Reviews )

    Tiffany Girl by Deeanne Gist is published by Howard books and is a stand-alone novel, set to be released in May of 2015. Personally, I liked several of Mrs. Gist's older works better, because they seemed sweeter and the characters more quaint and charming....

  • A Love Likes Ours

    07 May 2015

    "A Love Like Ours" by Becky Wade is the third book in the "Porter Family" series, and is published by Bethany House. I've been waiting and waiting and WAITING for this book, as it is on the top of my I-WILL-ABSOLUTELY-DIE-WAITING-TO-READ-THIS, when will...

  • The Good, The Bad, and the Grace of God

    10 June 2015

    "The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God" by Jep and Jessica Robertson is the personal testimony of Duck Dynasty stars from the popular family television show on A&E network. This book offers a never before seen inside look at the childhoods, relationships,...

  • Undercover Bride

    25 June 2015

    "Undercover Bride" by Margaret Brownley is the second book in the “Undercover Ladies” series, published by Barbour publishers. Maggie Taylor is a Pinkerton private eye sent to find the Whistle-stop bandit by posing as a mail-order bride to Garrett Thomas,...

  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    09 July 2015

    "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Beth Vogt is the first book in the new "Destination Wedding" series, which is published by Howard books. The concept of this series is this: most romance genre novels spend the whole novel planning and hoping for the...

  • To Win Her Favor

    06 August 2015

    "To Win Her Favor" by Tamera Alexander is a novel in the "Belle Meade Plantation" series. This was my first book by this author, and it was a wonderful first impression! The characters were likeable, and the plot felt like it could be a TV series because...

  • "Undeniably Yours" video trailer!!

    12 April 2013 ( #Random )

    For more fun extras about the book "Undeniablyl Yours" by Becky Wade, including an interview with the couple in the video and on the cover of the book, please visit the author's website at: http://beckywade.com/fun_extras.html

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