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September 11 2012 3 11 /09 /September /2012 02:38

Central Park Rendezvous by Ronie Kendig, Dineen Miller, Kim Vogel Sawyer, and MaryLu Tyndall was published by Barbour Publishing, Inc.. 


This book is going to be a tricky one to review, but I'll do the best I can.


Ok, so four authors got together to write one book.  Each author wrote one romance on one couple in the family tree of the Wolfes.  The stories do not go in the order of the oldest family members to the youngest, but instead skip around.  The four main men in the four short stories have all been a part of a war, whether it be the War Between the States, one of the World Wars, or another one.  And all the love stories center around one coin, with the inscrpition, "Love Never Fails".  This has been passed down through the four generations of war heros.  This is what brings the book together.


The hardest and most confusing part of the book was how all four of the stories were mixed together.  The authors would not always finish their part of the story before it moved onto the next one, and then it would come back to the original one, all in all making it a confusing read.


That's not to say that you should not read it.  Once I got the characters and time periods straight I absolutly loved it.  It was not a very long book, but it's message came through loud and clear: Love Never Fails.  And what a great message that is, one we all would benefit from keeping it in mind.


Thank you so much to Barbour publishers for letting me read this book! I throughly enjoyed it; the colaberation of all those great authors made for an excellent read.

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