• By Faith, Not By Sight (31/03/2012 posted in: Book Reviews )
    This is an amazing biography about the life of Scott MacIntyre. Scott was the first blind finalist to be on American Idol. He played the piano at his first wedding at seven years old. He swims. He ...
  • Veil of Pearls (31/03/2012 posted in: Book Reviews )
    Hey everybody! I have more historical fiction for you to try out: Veil of Pearls by MaryLu Tyndall. This story is so well written, I'd give it five out of five stars. It is about a runaway slave ...
  • What A Daughter Needs From Her Dad (21/03/2012 posted in: Book Reviews )
    What a Daughter Needs From her Dad-- this ranks very highly in my list of important books. Besides the Bible, what could be more important? Daddy-daughter relationships are very important. What is ...
  • Babylon's Falling (20/03/2012 posted in: Book Reviews )
    Hey everybody! There's some new biblical fiction that just dropped in from Babylon. We will be zeroing in on a captive of Israel named Belteshazzer, also known as Daniel. King Nebuchadnezzar has ...
  • KJV American Patriot's Bible (11/03/2012 posted in: Book Reviews )
    This Bible is in the King James Version. It is filled with notes about the history of America, and how it all relates to the Bible. These notes are written by Richard G. Lee, who also wrote "The ...



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