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    Undaunted Hope is the third book in the "Beacons of Hope" trilogy...except I saw recently that there will be a fourth book so it's not really a trilogy!! Eek! I'm so excited.  So anyway, this is by Jody Hedlund and published by Bethany House.  Each book can be read as a stand-alone novel, and while the first to second don't really connect in an obvious way, the second novel's main character is sisters with this novel's main character, Tessa.  I actually didn't like Tessa in the last book, but she grew on my so quickly in this book since she had matured in the couple of years' difference, and this has become my favorite book of the whole series so far.  I loved Tessa's spunk!


     Tessa is tired of the lighthouse keepers' life.  It took her family from her: some passed while trying to save others, and some decided to remain lighthouse keepers.  Well, she's sick of it either way, and has moved on to become a school teacher in a small mining town.  Throwing off everything to do with lighthouses, she resolves to start anew.  However, she doesn't realize the hardship she'll face from her employer, nor does she imagine the extent her past will follow her to.  Will she be able to survive and make a living in such a harsh environment?


     Alec Bjorklund, the local lighthouse keeper, is immediately attracted to Tessa, and seeks to protect her from angry men in high positions in the town who aim to ruin her.  He and his brother both battle for her heart, but she refuses to become involved with either of them.  He doesn't understand her aversion to men, and he is ashamed of his own lack of education.  Will they be able to help each other through their own misunderstandings and hardships?


     I really enjoyed this story, and read it in a day.  The characters enchanted me, and the setting was so historically fascinating that I was drawn in.  The mining town seemed so realistic, and I know that the author put a lot of time and research into this.  I for one can tell that it has paid off! I would highly recommend this novel, especially those who like a good historical fiction.


     Thank you so much to the author and Bethany House publishers for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review.  All opinions are my own and were not required to be positive, nor were they influenced by anything other than the book itself.

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